This requirement refers to their actions towards other students and their teachers, their language, their dress and their manners. Al Murooj believes self-discipline is an interpersonal goal of public education

Students have responsibility to know and respect the policies, rules and regulations of the school. AlMurooj directs students to the District’s Behaviors Code Set in this policy. In order to handle all students’ disciplinary matters, disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with appropriate procedure rights being afforded to students and their parents/guardians provided by the educational zone law.

Al Murooj offers the following listing of offenses and the required or recommended dispositions of the information of students, parents, legal guardians and school personnel.

Students who engage in on going pattern of behavior that is disruptive to the orderly operation of the schools will be recommended for expulsion. The following is general listings of offenses and the required or recommended disciplinary actions which would be taken as a result of such offenses being committed.


- To provide on environment that is physically and emotionally safe for the students.

- To establish clear definitions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior and to promote congregational-wide understanding of those definitions.

- To create appositive atmosphere that is conductive to learning

Behavior expectations:

  • Respect others, equipment, facilities and self.
  • Cooperate with others.
  • Follow the teacher’s directions.
  • Stay in program areas-adults supervision is required at all times.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Use appropriate language all times.

Actions taken

  • After consulting the social advisor and sitting together on a round tale to figure out the understand of their mistakes, and get rid of it in the coming time.
  • As a first warning, advice and guide letter be given, and should be signed from the students as a fist warning.
  • A second warning is given, the same advising and guiding and sending a letter for the parents/legal guardians spotting the light on the problem and asking their support.

Secondary category offenses

  •            Sexual harassment.
  •            Violence.
  •             Encroachment on the school properties.
  •             Sneaking from school.
  •             Subversion.
  •             Cheating/plagiarism.

The social advisor advices the parents/guardians to show up of school and to give a hand in advising the student and have a meeting in presence of the parents/guardians for a better communication and discussed the issue and prevent it.

  •         Destruction of the school properties.
  •         Fighting and aggressive.
  •         Sell, distribute or use drugs.
  •         Fireworks and other disruptive devices.
  •         Weapons and dangerous instruments.
  •         Gangs and gang activity.

Action taken:

Students found to be in possession on the school campus of a firearm of other weapon will be expelled from the school for some days after discussing the legal authorities and ADEC, parents or legal guardians of students expelled under the policy shall be given a copy of the current laws regarding the possibility of parental responsibility for allowing a child to possess a weapon on school property. The parents or legal guardians shall sign a statement acknowledging that they have read and understand the said laws. Expulsion for some days is also taken in case of drugs, fighting or destructing the school properties.

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